Franco Callegati, Saverio Giallorenzo, Andrea Melis, and Marco Prandini


Mobility as a Service takes the concept of XaaS to transportation: a MaaS provider shall merge transport options from different mobility providers, seamlessly handling the whole experience of travelling, from providing information, to travel planning, and payments handling. To effectively support the creation of a market of MaaS providers, we envision the creation of ICT infrastructures based on microservices, a modern and renowned development model that fosters the creation of an ecosystem of reusable components. The flexibility of such platforms is their key advantage, yet it poses many security issues. In this paper, we look at these problems through the lens of our experience on one of such platforms, called SMAll. We classify the most relevant vulnerabilities related to data reliability, integrity, and authenticity, and we investigate directions for their mitigation.

  • Link to the Paper, accepted at RTSI 2016.