Franco Callegati, Saverio Giallorenzo, Andrea Melis, and Marco Prandini


Mobility as a Service (MaaS) applies the everything-as- a-service paradigm of Cloud Computing to transportation: a MaaS provider offers to its users the dynamic composition of solutions of different travel agencies into a single, consistent interface. Traditionally, transits and data on mobility belong to a scattered plethora of operators. Thus, we argue that the economic model of MaaS is that of federations of providers, each trading its resources to coordinate multi-modal solutions for mobility. Such flexibility comes with many security and privacy concerns, of which insider threat is one of the most prominent. In this paper, we follow a tiered structure — from individual operators to markets of federated MaaS providers — to classify the potential threats of each tier and propose the appropriate countermeasures, in an effort to mitigate the problems.

  • Link to the Paper, accepted at HICSS’17